Our Fleet is second to none

Larry’s does not use owner operators. Instead, we are an asset-based company that operates 100% company-owned equipment driven by 100% company drivers.

It takes tough, dependable tractors to move 250 shipments daily, and we continually invest in the right purchases and maintenance to do the job.  Our fleet includes 60 late-model Mack® tractors with rugged transmissions for fuel efficiency, maximum cargo weight and dependable performance. Our fleet features..

  • Lightweight, but strong chassis, outfitted with lightweight components to increase payload
  • Top quality transmissions to endure the extreme Midwestern temperatures
  • Tri-axle chassis for multi-function weight hauling efficiency (one heavy load 20 ft. container, one loaded 40 ft- high cube container, or two empty 20 ft containers for reposition)
  • Tandem spread-axle chassis to increase cargo weight in 40 ft. containers
  • An aggressive preventative maintenance and inspection program to safeguard the driver, consignee cargo, ocean carrier equipment and other drivers
  • Maintenance by professionally trained mechanics


To make our fleet reliable we invest in the right trucks for the job. With 60 late-model Mack tractors, our fleet gives us fuel efficiency, the ability to maximize cargo weight, and an overall excellent performance. With Mack’s top quality transmissions our drivers know getting even heavy loads going is never a problem


Our new trucks have efficient motors set to power the loads in the often extreme Midwestern conditions we drive in. Mack’s top quality transmissions means our drivers know getting even heavy loads going is never a problem.


The trucks in our fleet are built on a lightweight-but-strong chassis. In addition, we outfit many with lightweight components that help increase payload. We work closely with our dealer to properly spec our tractors with lightweight options while still maintaining the necessary attributes to get the job done.


To compliment our fleet of late-model tractors Larry’s has a well-maintained fleet of chassis. Tri-axles and spread axles are available to accommodate your heavy loads.

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Our tri-axle chassis provide multi-function weight hauling efficiency. With our tri-axles we can haul one heavy load 20 ft. container, one loaded 40 ft high-cube container, or two empty 20 ft containers for reposition.

Spread Axle

Our fleet contains special tandem spread-axle chassis that enable us to increase the cargo weight in 40 ft containers.

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