Larry’s operates as an asset-based drayage provider. We believe making a substantial financial investment in our fleet is one of the cornerstones of our long-term success story. Our late model Mack® trucks are built for drayage and able to perform well in all-weather and railyard conditions. They are the company’s valued assets, and we keep them impeccably maintained and readily available for your next shipment.

We believe there is a formidable difference between an asset-based and non-asset-based intermodal transportation company. We also believe the customer benefits from the asset- based company, especially when comparing ownership, response time, accountability, and financial investment.  Our financial investment in top-of-the-line equipment signals our commitment to meeting customers’ expectations over the long-term.  See the difference for yourself!

Larry's cartage

  • Company owned – modern tractors put reliable designed-for-the-job equipment in the field
  • Dispatchers have complete control over immediate visibility into capacity
  • Demonstrates our commitment to customer and driver satisfaction over the long-term
  • Signals to customers and drivers Larry’s commitment to their satisfaction over the long-term
  • Flexibility to respond to overweight and oversized containers and discontinuation of longer supply chassis

Non-Asset Based

  • Older – less reliable trucks and trucks unsuitable for drayage results can create a mixed bag fleet that jeopardizes shipments.
  • Reliance on external resources increases response times and complicates the process
  • Outside independent resources results in irregular service
  • Success hinges on quality – size and reliability of firm’s contracted owner-operators.
  • Reliance on contracted firms for specialized chassis that may incur higher fees

If you would like to partner with an asset-based firm whose accountability, financial investment, and tractor and chassis ownership translates to savings and time efficiencies for your transportation needs, contact us today!